» Why I Created This Web Site

Welcome to Since I can remember, Beauty, both natural and human-made, has captured my imagination and held me enthralled. Color, texture, synchronized movement, sound, and physical form … each speaks in its unique language.

For musicians, music resonates with the essential energy of life. I have always wanted to be close to that energy and so have dedicated my professional life to it. There is no greater joy than performing live in front of an audience. Though performing is an emotional kick unduplicated by any other pursuit, I left performing in 1983 for the recording studio. I wanted to make music more hours of the day. Composing, producing, and mixing music was the right choice then and still gives me a buzz now. Over the years I have become a facilitator; encouraging artists at all levels, assisting in their next career moves. It is to this end that I have posted… a resource for you, the artist. My mission is to support you, helping you realize your professional goals in this, the most wonderful of careers… Music. Again, welcome!