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Artist: Amedeo Bianchi • Record Company: Blue Note • Country: USA

Record Company:  Sony • Country: Italy

Artist: Riské • Record Company:  Antilles Mizik • Country: USA

Artist: Maria Del Rey • Record Company:  Mariposa /Warner Bros. • Country: USA
Award: Latin Grammy-nominated Best Children’s Album 1999

Artist: Diego Berti  • Record Company:  Sony • Country: Perú

Artist: Mario Canonge  •  Record Company:  Melodie  • Country: France

Artist: Andres Cepeda   •  Record Company:  FM Discos ?Para Amarte Mejor
Country: Colombia
Award: Double Platinum, 12 weeks at #1/Latin Grammy-nominated,
Best Male Pop Vocal  2007

Artist: Andres Cepeda   •  Record Company:  FM Discos “Dia Tras Dia”                     •  Country: Colombia
Award: Double Platinum, 13 weeks at #1/LatinGrammy
-nominated Album of the Year 2009

Artist: Chandel   •  Record Company:  Melodie   •  Country: USA

Artist: Ilan Chester   •  Record Company:  Sony Discos International   •  Country: USA

Artist: Juan Carlos Coronel  •  Record Company: BMG  •  Country:  Colombia
Award: Double Platinum 1997

Artist:  Juan Carlos Coronel   •  Record Company: FM Discos “Supersticion” 
Awards: Latin Grammy-nominated Best.  Contemporary Latin Album 2009

Artist:  Juan Carlos Coronel   •  Record Company: KMM/FM  •  Country:  Colombia

Artist: Catalina Pineda   •  Record Company: BMG  •  Country: Colombia

Artist: Guajaja   •  Record Company: Sony •  Country: Peru

Artist: Iko Iko   •  Record Company: Little Silver Records  •  Country: USA

Artist: The Goods   •  Record Company: Polygram  •  Country:  USA

Artist: Enrique Iglesias  •  Record Company:  Interscope “Escape”  •  Country:  USA
Award: Triple Platinum 2001

Artist: Kraken  •  Record Company: KMMGroup •  Country: Colombia

Artist: David Lebon  •  Record Company: Sony •  Country: Argentina

Artist: Magnum Band  •  Record Company: Melodie •  Country: Haiti/USA

Artist: Marcos Llunas  •  Record Company: BMG  •  Country: Mexico
Award: Gold

Artist: Macarena Nonstop •  Record Company: BMG U.S. Latin •  Country: USA
Award: Double Platinum

Artist: Gian Marco •  Record Company: BMG •  Country: Colombia

Artist: Ricky Martin  •  Record Company: Sony  •  Country: USA                                                      Award: Triple Platinum

Artist: Carlos Mata  •  Record Company: BMG  •  Country: Argentina                                    Award: Gold

Artist: Christian Meier  •  Record Company: Roma Records   •  Country: Peru/Espana                                    Award: Douple Platinum 1996

Artist: Moises  Angulo   •  Record Company: BMG   •  Country: Colombia

Artist: Yolandita Monge   •  Record Company: WEA   •  Country: USA

Artist: Ricardo Montaner   •  Record Company: EMI  •  Country: Mexico
Award: Gold

Artist: Mya   •  Record Company: University Records/RCA  •  Country: USA

Artist: N Tune  •  Record Company: Dreamworks  •  Country: USA

Artist: Angela Paniza   •  Record Company: PAG Records  •  Country: USA

Artist: Os Paralamas   •  Record Company: EMI •  Country: Brazil
Award: Platinum

Artist: Do Sucesso

Artist: Jose Luis Rodriguez  •  Record Company: Sony Music •  Country: USA
Award: Gold/Grammy Nominated Best Latin Pop Album 1993

Artist: Servando y Florentino  •  Record Company: Hecho A Mano/WEA
Country: Venezuela  •  Award: Gold 1999 “Muchacho Solitario

Artist: Camilo Sesto •  Record Company: BMG • Country: España

Artist: Soluna •  Record Company: Dreamworks  • Country: USA

Artist: Soraya  •  Record Company: Polygram International  • Country: USA
Award: Gold/#1 Billboard Latin Pop 1996

Artist: Pedro Suárez-Vértiz  •  Record Company: Sony  • Country: Peru
Award: Triple Platinum

Artist: Voz Veiz  •  Record Company: Latin World  • Country: Venezuela
Award: Latin Grammy Winner 2007                                   

Artist: Will To Power •  Record Company: Epic Records  •  Country: USA
Award: Gold/Three weeks at Billboard #1 Pop

Artist: Cristian Zalles  •  Record Company: Sony  •  Country: Chile

Artist: Julia Zenko  •  Record Company: Sony  •  Country: Argentina